General FAQ

Last Import - 2 of 37Q: Why is the facility located in Newark, but there are no plans for fish exchange posts in the City?

A: The results of the fishing study conducted by the CPG in 2011-2012 and a supplemental investigation conducted by the 2014 VETS class did not identify any viable access points to the River in the City of Newark other than the new Riverbank Park.

Over the course of several weeks and time periods, the 2015 class scouted up and down the full 17 miles of the Lower Passaic River to identify fishermen. Specifically in Newark, the veterans scouted near “Orange Sticks” park, Bridge Street Bridge and Mr. Adams Steakhouse and were unable to identify any fishermen. The plan for placement of the 2016 fish exchange post will be adjusted based on where the fishermen are found to be congregating.

Q: How can I secure a spot in the next VETS class?

A: You can contact Amy Rowe directly at 908-235-1168. Also, veterans are actively being recruited at local job fairs through The GI Go Fund, Rutgers-Newark, Essex County College, and the Newark One Stop.

Q: What is the length of the Class Year?

A: The typical class year runs for eight months. The next class is expected to begin in May 2016.

Q: What types of classes will be held in 2016?

A: Prior to the start of each training session, the staff from Rutgers Cooperative Extension conducts a pre-evaluation of new trainees in the program to gauge their current education, interests and knowledge of the fields of green infrastructure, landscaping, business, public speaking and other topics. Based on the pre-evaluation results, the staff tailors the class curriculum and guest speakers (from Rutgers University, industry and non-profits) to the specific areas where veterans’ trainees are lacking and the topics/skills of greatest interest to the class.

Q: Will this program continue past the 2015 class?

A: Yes. The Lower Passaic River Study Area Cooperating Parties Group funded all start-up costs for the program, and sponsored the first two VETS classes. The CPG will continue to sponsor the class in 2016 and additional community sponsors and state/federal grants are being sought to assist with funding for the 2016 and additional program years.