Fish Exchange FAQ

Q. How are fish exchanged?New-Fish-in-Tank1

A. Clean tilapia are provided in exchange for fish caught in the River each Saturday. It is a pound-for-pound exchange, no matter the type of River fish being exchanged.


Q. Where can I exchange the fish?

A. In 2015, an exchange post was established at the Kings Court Health & Sports Club parking lot (525 Riverside Avenue in Lyndhurst) – which is across the River from the Nutley Boat Ramp (Park Ave. and Rt. 21). Additional locations are currently being explored to set up additional fish exchanges along the River during the 2016 season. Fish will not be accepted at the Rutgers VETS training center at 555 Dr. MLK Boulevard.


Q. How will the clean fish be transported to the Exchange Posts?

A. Frozen tilapia fish are being exchanged for River fish caught by local fishermen.


Q. What regulatory policies are followed to exchange clean fish for contaminated fish?

A. The staff works closely with state and local agencies to ensure state and federal guidance is followed. As live fish are not considered food, Food and Drug Administration regulations do not apply.


Q. How often do you purchase new fish?

A. The young fingerlings will be purchased as needed. Fish grown in the greenhouse’s aquaponics system will be used in the 2016 fish exchange.