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VETS Program

Staff and faculty from Rutgers Cooperative Extension developed a program to educate VETS program trainees in two ways: Educational classes led by university and industry experts in specialties like greenhouse management, landscaping, aquaponics and hydroponics; and Hands-on experience at gardens and parks in the City of Newark and other communities in Essex County. Educational Classes …

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The Greenhouse

VETS offices and classrooms are located at 555 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd in Newark, adjacent to the Willing Heart Community Care Center. A greenhouse in the back lot provides trainees with an additional way to complement their classroom training with practical application. Trainees learn about hydroponics techniques and grow a variety of lettuces, …

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Fish Exchange

Although consumption of fish from the Lower Passaic River has been banned since the mid-1980s, there are still some individuals who catch fish from the River for food. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified fish consumption as the main human health risk associated with contaminated sediment in the River. While the concept …

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Fish Exchange FAQ

Q. How are fish exchanged? A. Clean tilapia are provided in exchange for fish caught in the River each Saturday. It is a pound-for-pound exchange, no matter the type of River fish being exchanged. ¬† Q.¬†Where can I exchange the fish? A. In 2015, an exchange post was established at the Kings Court Health & …

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General FAQ

Q: Why is the facility located in Newark, but there are no plans for fish exchange posts in the City? A: The results of the fishing study conducted by the CPG in 2011-2012 and a supplemental investigation conducted by the 2014 VETS class did not identify any viable access points to the River in the …

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News & Announcements

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Hands-On Experience

Hands-On Experience Trainees in the program have the opportunity to take their classroom education into the field. In the past, trainees have participated in a number of projects in Newark and throughout Essex County to improve local parks and provide both active and passive recreation opportunities for residents. The 2015 class improved the irrigation system …

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