Jun 30

What’s Happening This Week – 3/31/2016


Question: How can I apply to join the Rutgers VETS Program? IMG_1437

Answer: Call 973-732-2383 and leave your contact phone number, mailing address or email (spell it out) on the voice mail or just fill out the Contact Form on this website.

We learn, we do, we practice and perfect. At the Rutgers VETS program our time is divided between sustainable agriculture training, hands-on application,  entrepreneurship training, greenhouse maintenance, aquaponics and hydroponics training, raised bed and container gardening, organic growing techniques, landscaping, and more. We support community gardening projects; we help seniors with gardening and landscaping on their property, we help with special projects at Branch Brook and other parks; we donate produce to a local food pantry and we will be working with a local 4H chapter at the VETS Community Garden. Whewww! We do all that and manage our Fish Exchange Program with those who fish on the Passaic River. Please check elsewhere on this site for details about the Fish Exchange Program.

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